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Dress Code

Parker Elementary School of International Studies

Uniform Guidelines 

Parker Elementary School Dress Code is established to teach grooming, hygiene, instill discipline and modesty, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, teach respect, and prepare our students for the future. All Parker students wear a school uniform. Students who are out of uniform, will be sent to the nurse’s office to call home or change.

  • TOPS: Red or white polo style shirts
  • BOTTOMS: Khaki, blue denim, or black pants, capris, shorts, or jumpers must be sized appropriately at the child’s waist and must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. (Pants may not have holes, rips, or decorations on them)
  • SHOES: Students are required to wear closed-toed shoes with a back for their own safety while in the building. In addition, students are required to wear no-marking soles to protect our school’s floor. Shower shoes and flip flops are NOT permitted.
  • COLLEGE SHIRT WEDNESDAYS: Students have the option of wearing blue or black jeans (without holes or frays) with any college shirt on Wednesdays.
  • SPIRIT FRIDAYS: Students have the option of wearing blue or black jeans (without holes or frays) with any Parker spirit shirt on Fridays. Parker Spirit shirts can be purchased through PTO for $12 youth and $15 adult
  • PTO is also offering red school shirts that can be worn any day during the week for $10. 
  • When students are given a “Free Dress Day”, for a special occasion, students will be expected to comply with the district’s dress code on these days by not wearing clothing with inappropriate logos, emblems or decorations. Halters, strapless garments, tank tops, short shorts, leggings, and clothes that expose the midriff or the bodice are not permitted. Also, jeans with holes or frays are not permitted on “free dress days.”

The Parker dress code prohibits:

  • caps, hats, scarves, 
  • pajamas, onesies
  • sandals, 
  • sunglasses in the building (prescriptive glasses are allowed),
  • necklaces and big hanging earrings are discouraged for girls (to avoid injury)
  • any type of garment deemed unacceptable by the school administration